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Melissa Alonzo, PT, DPT

Serving Mountain Athletes Since 2017

Melissa has been an athlete since age 6, proving her ability when she discovered the butterfly stroke in swimming.  The Wooster Swim Team Ladies went undefeated for her entire high school career. She took her athletic abilities to the mountains after graduating and changed her lifestyle to a climbing-centric one.  Climbing and running is what led her to the mountains but now enjoys skiing her days away.  Melissa has a diverse  background in mountain sports and understands what it takes to perform at a high level and how to recover quickly and efficiently.

Melissa has lived in the Eastern Sierra since 2009.  She now lives in Mammoth with her husband, Ryan, and dog, Hazel.  You can catch her running the town trails, climbing the local crags and shredding the gnar.

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