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Group Classes

These are group classes offered on demand (minimum of 2 people). $40 drop in or $35/6 classes if signed up for a package. Semi Private (1:2-3 ratio). If you are interested, please contact MPT for more details.


*An initial evaluation may be required if you have an active injury or recurrent back or neck pain.*


Train Like a Badass Bitch

Ladies aged 18-45

Empowering ladies to strength train to prevent or manage pain or discomfort. Posture, Movement Competency, Bone Health, Strength Development, Sport Specific Training

Train like a Mama

Pre and Post Natal

Safely exercise throughout pregnancy and beyond, manage discomforts through exercise, learn labor positions & breathing strategies, pelvic floor & core rehabilitation.

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Train like a Woman

Matriarchs 45 years and older

Osteoporosis, menopause, staying fit to feel good in life, manage pain & discomforts through exercise, posture training & movement competency.

Lower Extremity Training

Maintain strength of the core and healthy limb as you rehab the injured one. This class is to be complete in conjunction of your rehabiliation of the injued leg, not instead of.


Sport Specific Training

Late Stage Rehab. This is for people who havent quite returned to previous levels following a debilitating injury. Must be able to squat and jump with tolerable pain and cleared by MD for these types of activities.

Athletic Development

This class is for kids preparing for winter or summer sports. Learn basic functional movement, coordination, strength, core control, jumping/landing techniques and advanced balance.

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